Quick start

For Admin

After installation, admin needs to perform two tasks in Admin portal to make the platform able to provide virtual machine services :

  • Add new users and assign resource (CPU, RAM and disk) quota for them
  • Create golden image

Golden image is preinstalled with a specific operation system like Ubuntu to let users to create virtual machine with a ready running operation system.


1. Add new users and assign quota

Step 1. Go to ‘Users and Groups’ page, add new users by providing username, password and email.

Besides, admin can enable LDAP authentication and import LDAP users from company's LDAP server to CCMP:


Step 2. Select new users, open ‘action’ menu, select ‘Assign user quota’ to assign quota (CPU, RAM and disk).


2. Import qcow2 golden image

Step 1. Go to ‘Image Repository’ page and import some qcow2 images (available on CCMP website or prepared by yourself).


Step 2. Go to ‘Golden Images’ page to add golden image record to MySQL database. Please share with particular users or user groups for particular users to use the golden image to create virtual machine in User portal.


For Normal User

After admin created a user account and added golden images, the user can login to User portal to create virtual machine (VM):

After creation, the VM is ready to be accessed remotely. Go to 'Host Details' page to see the remote access methods:

  • Use web VNC to connect to any VM:

  • Use SSH to access VM (For Linux operation system):