Image Repository

Qcow2 image is used in CCMP for users to create virtual machines (VMs) with a ready operation system: Linux or Windows.


Pre-built Linux images

Some qcow2 images are prepared for free download.

These qcow2 images are customized with CCMP portals from corresponding source, such as operation system installation ISO or directly customize qcow2 image. The customization of these qcow2 images include: 1) Install openssh-server package, allow SSH access with password and SSH key; 2) Set first NIC: its name is eth0 and use DHCP IP; 3) Remove cloud-init package for some qcow2 images built for openStack.


  1. CentOS 6.8
    Size: 267 MB, md5sum: 298df80c9569fb6fb1124f330e9093b4
  2. CentOS 7
    Size: 422 MB, md5sum: 883f0c3286cb0e46b583db2333f6566a
  3. Debian 8.6
    Size: 873 MB, md5sum: 0e3a64911fe7c726b5f2c3f408dee1bd
  4. Fedora 25
    Size: 361 MB, md5sum: 007e82ed5ed4fe0723d12cfcb00ff243
  5. openSUSE 13.2
    Size: 420 MB, md5sum: 202380cdc6015d8e63609dd739595e4d
  6. Ubuntu 14.04
    Size: 653 MB, md5sum: ba4919597bbd2b812ecdf544653f9b8e
  7. Ubuntu 16.04
    Size: 1.3 GB, md5sum: 12016ae76d96e9dad0bd3e3b88a5d577


Admin can import them to CCMP as golden images for user to create VMs:


Windows and DIY images

Installation ISO or qcow2 files can be used to prepare your own images, please refer to Prepare qcow2 image in CCMP page. Belows are some tips to obtain Windows ISO or qcow2 files.

You can convert an official Windows installation CD to ISO using dd command on Ubuntu:

sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=<output path>.iso

Windows testing VMs (which will be expired after 90 days) can be downloaded freely from Microsoft's official site You can download a virtual box image in zip format, convert it (vdi or vmdk file format) to qcow2 format on Ubuntu using qemu-img package:

unzip <Windows VirtualBox>.zip
tar -xvf <Windows VM>.ova
qemu-img convert -O qcow2 <Windows VM>.vmdk <output path>.qcow2