Instant Deployment

  • Can be deployed on a single server with Ubuntu 16.04 OS and 4 GB or more memory.
  • Simple to deploy with one command:
    wget http://ccmp.clustertech.com/installCloud.sh -O installCloud.sh; sudo bash installCloud.sh

Support Multiple Servers

  • Can dynamically add additional servers for CPU and RAM resources for VMs.
  • Use PXE network boot: Automatically boot, no need to install OS for additional servers manually.

Full Web UI

  • Both Admin and User portals are web-based.
  • Full operations with a web browser:
    • Admin can manage resources and users.
    • Normal users can create and access VM with Web VNC.

Useful VM Operations

  • Can update VM's harware: Change CPU, RAM and expand disk space.
  • Can clone and backup.
  • Can create private image: Used to create new VM with the same files and packages of current VM to save efforts to install new packages.

Self-service of Multiple Users

  • Admin only has to add new group/users and assign resource (CPU, RAM and disk) quota.
  • Normal user can self serve in User portal: create and access VM.

Easy Network Access to VM

  • Every VM after creation is ready to be accessed via port forwarding: Can use VNC and SSH.
  • Additional port forwarding is easy to add: Just enter the destination port in VM.
  • External IP can also be used to access VM directly when it is available.

Flexible to Manage Resources

  • Resources (CPU, RAM and storage) for VMs can be adjusted dynamically based on demands.
  • VMs after creation can update hardware configure.
  • Together with host migration and release resources after VM is shutdown, manage resources is easy.

Multiple Ways to Protect Data

  • Internal network can protect data on VM by isolating external network.
  • VM can backup, clone and create private image to protect data loss from accidents.
  • VM can also use 'Auto restart if down abnormally' feature to recover quickly.

Monitor Resources in Realtime

  • Admin portal displays status and usage of resource nodes, alert email will be sent to admin if a resource node is down.
  • Dashboard page displays pending VM requests to allow admin to handle quickly.