What is CCMP ?

CCMP (Clustertech Cloud Management Platform) is a simple private cloud system written in Go. It uses web interface to provide virtual machine self-service for multiple users.


Admin Portal


User Portal



Instant Deployment

Instant deployment like installing an app with one command line.

Support Multiple Servers

Plug and play to add servers for CPU and RAM resources for VMs via PXE network boot.

Full Web UI

Do all managements and operations in web browser.

Useful VM Operations

Can expand disk space, clone, backup and create private image.

Self-service of Multiple Users

Two levels model for user management: group and user. Support setting resource quota.

Easy Network Access to VM

Ready to access VM via port forwarding. Support adding external IP to access directly.

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CCMP is free to use1. It can be installed on a single physical server with following system requirements:

  • Operation system: 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04
  • Memory: minimum 4 GB RAM (recommend 8 GB RAM or above)
  • Disk space: minimum 100 GB (recommend 500 GB or above) to store VM images
  • At least one network interface card (NIC) for external access

On the physical server, download and run the install script installCloud.sh:

wget https://ccmp.clustertech.com/installCloud.sh -O installCloud.sh; sudo bash installCloud.sh

The installation is simple: mainly input MySQL root password, select NIC for external access and disk space to store VM images. Detailed installation is in Installation page.

1: Free to use up to 32 GB memory to run virtual machines. If you want to use more memory, please contact us to request an official license.

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